Welcome to Wight Nature Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation. We are a vegan Isle of Wight based small non profit voluntary rescue run from our family home specialising in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native birds - with a particularemphasis on corvids.We rely purely on kind donations from the public as we are entirely self-funded. Please note that due to our small size we are not a registered charity, rescue centre or sanctuary.

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If you see an animal in distress, please don’t close your eyes. Please try to help, get in touch with us, or phone immediately a wildlife rescue, sanctuary or rehabilitation centre to get advice.In an Isle of Wight related wildlife emergency, pleaseclick here for more information, or contact us straight away by using our email contact form.

"All animals, including humans, have a right to lives of dignity and respect, without forced intrusions."

Marc Bekoff

Please find below contact details for animal related emergencies involving marine mammals, bats, squirrels,hedgehogs and domestic animals:

BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue)

Species: Whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals

Phone: 01825 765546 (daytime) or 07787 433412 (out of hours)

Wight Squirrel Project

Species: Red squirrels

Phone: 01983 613145

Isle of Wight Bat Hospital

Species: Bats

Phone: 01983 406756 or 07771 605952

Save our Hedgehogs Isle of Wight

Species: Hedgehogs

Phone: 01983 613145 or 07976 40858

RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Species:Domesticanimals, all wildlife and animal welfare concerns

Phone: 0300 1234 999

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