Wild Bird Aid is an Isle of Wight based wild bird rescue specialising in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native birds relying on kind donations from the public.

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If you see an animal in distress, please don’t close your eyes. Please try to help, get in touch with us, or phone immediately a wildlife rescue, sanctuary or rehabilitation centre to get advice.In an Isle of Wight related bird emergency, pleaseclick here for more information, or contact us or a relevant wildlife rescue by choosing the relevant phone number provided below or in our Wildlife Emergency section.


It is with great pleasure that we can announce another patronage.We are feeling proud and privileged in welcoming JAMES LaVECK and JENNY STEIN as patrons of Wild Bird Aid. Please find out more by following this link.

“We are truly honored by your invitation to be publicly associated with Wild Bird Aid. All over our planet, those of our fellow animals fortunate enough not to be directly subjugated by human beings are still under threat from hunting, wildlife killing campaigns, habitat loss, pollution and climate change. Your rescue and rehabilitation work through Wild Bird Aid inspires us because it is informed by an inclusive vision of nonviolence that embraces the inherent dignity and worth of both our fellow humans and our fellow animals. To intervene when and where one can, to come to the aid of individuals who have been displaced, harmed, or orphaned, those who need a safe place to regain their strength and self-sufficiency -- all of which are so central to your daily work -- requires skill, understanding, patience and courage. It also requires the encouragement and support of a community of conscience. We hope that many others will join us in seeking ways to directly support your team and the beautiful beings you are dedicated to serving, and that we will all grow together in our understanding of what it means to practice holistic nonviolence.”

James LaVeck and Jenny Stein

Jenny and James for Wild Bird Aid

Wild Bird Aid - Registered Charity No. 1170857