This website is devoted to our feathered friends and all the other wildlife in need of help. Please note, we are not a charity, rescue centre or sanctuary. Therefore we won't be able to take in animals in distress on a regular basis. We are a vegan family of five dedicated people, who recognise the difficulties our wildlife encounters every day. We can’t close our eyes and we respond to the urgent need to do at least our part to help animals in need. Although we might not be able to help you directly, we are more than happy to give advice, and we aim to help you and the animal in need wherever we can. Please use our email contact form, leave your phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you see an animal in distress, please don’t close your eyes. Please try to help and phone immediately a Wildlife Sanctuary or Rehabilitation Centre to get advice. Please find below some important Isle of Wight and mainland phone numbers you might want to use in a case of an emergency. 

Please note, if you find an animal distress, every minute will count. This is particularly true for birds, which are very vulnerable, especially when they are getting cold and wet. Unfortunately, another frequent problem we encounter are injured birds attacked by cats. Even when these cat attack victims are not showing any obvious signs of injury, they need to be treated immediately with antibiotics. If this is not happening any time soon after the accident, they will pass away within the next 24 to 48 hours due to an infection transmitted by the cat. So please leave your contact phone number, if you want us to help you and the bird.

Wildlife First Aid FAQs

Wild animals have incredible powers of recovery, so no animal should be given up or put to sleep until a wildlife experienced veterinary surgeon has had the opportunity to assess its injuries and make a diagnosis. However, before rescuing any animal in need every precaution should be taken to ensure the safety of yourself.

Wight Squirrel Project 01983 613145

RSPCA 0300 1234 999

Isle of Wight Bat Hospital 01983 406756 or 07771 605952

Isle of Wight Badger Trust

HART Wildlife Rescue 01420 562335

Pigeon and Dove Rescue

British Divers Marine Life Rescue 01825 765546 or 07787 433412

The Swan Sanctuary 01932 240790

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